Aronofsky’s NOAH the most unbiblical account of a biblical story ever?

The movie ‘Noah’ has been described by many as the most unbiblical film ever. The story is based on the well known bible story of Noah being instructed by God to build an Ark to save him and his family because He was going to wipe out the entire world as humans had became so ‘wicked’. The number one film rated at $125 million dollars has been much criticized by many Christian groups worldwide.

The character Noah played by Russell Crowe is a complete opposite to the Noah described in the Bible. The character of Noah in the movie is depicted as a dark, uncaring murderer who believed all human deserved to die, while the Noah the bible speaks about in Genesis is described by God himself as a righteous man.

To add salt to the wound, director of the film ‘Noah’ Darren Aronofsky quotes “I’m not interested in these people,” he says. “Of course I’m going to be their enemy — I made Black Swan and The Wrestler. I don’t even know how to talk to someone who believes the world was created in six days and not accept that could be poetry.”

Aronofsky is documented as an atheist, so perhaps its no surprise that an atheist take such a story with strong biblical significance and turn it into defamation against God.

So be careful. As Christians, it is our responsibility to watch out for things that go against God’s principles or twist biblical stories; to protect our faith.

Michael A

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