Aron Bicskey celebrates milestone of producing and mixing over 1000 songs

Everyone already knows how much we love to champion music and the talented people involved either on the stage or behind the scenes. Here we have Aron Bicskey who recently celebrated the milestone of producing and mixing 1000 songs. But like every journey, it started with a first step, producing one.


Aron stumbled into music producing as a teenager while living in his home country Hungary. He volunteered to produce a record for singer/songwriter Pinter Bela who he was drumming for. At the time, Aron had no previous recording experience other than hanging around the studio and peeking over the shoulders of a professional producer. Before the era of YouTube tutorials and how-to videos, this insight was enough to spark a desire in him to give it a go. No doubt, it was a steep learning curve where he had to learn a lot and had to learn fast, but after immersing himself into his passion project for 9 months, he produced his first album. Pinter Bela became Hungary’s most iconic and beloved Christian artist, reaching millions of people with his songs and music videos, spreading the message of Hope, Love and a life with Christ. Over the years Aron has produced more than 120 songs for Bela, many of which are being regularly featured on Hungarian Television and Radio stations nationwide.

In 2005 Aron moved to the UK and was introduced to Philippa Hanna’s then manager, Andy Baker. Through this connection Aron was given the opportunity to play drums in Hanna’s band at numerous festivals and tour the UK. The founder of the Resound Media Group, Andy Baker, took note of Aron’s musical talents and involved him in making records and introduced him to the UK’s Christian Music scene. One of Aron’s first projects was Tree of Psalms, an expressively rich album by US spoken word artist Peter Nevland and featuring songs by guest artists such as Graham Kendrick and Philippa Hanna.

Over the years, song after song, Aron’s experience as a producer widened and deepened and he became a senior producer for Homegrown Worship, a new and exciting collection of Christian Artists. Aron is a self-confessed musical chameleon, confidently moving between the different genres of Country, Pop, Rock, EDM and Cinematic Orchestral arrangements and he loves it all. He curated a valuable contact list of top talent musicians so he can invite and work with the right players, to make sure the songs he is working on sound their best.

It is Bristol-based singer/songwriter Loulita Gill who started to encourage Aron to sing more, after he sent her a half produced version of the emotionally moving song they co-wrote which he sang on for the sake of illustration. As a result Aron started to release his own music at the end of last year. Along with producing records for others in 2022 he is also focusing on writing and releasing his own material in collaboration with other fellow artists. He is based in Sheffield, working from his own studio The Nest.


Aron is trained as a Classical Percussionist. After a few years of working in Orchestras and Theatres, he gravitated more towards the Pop-Rock Scene and became a session drummer.

He has worked with Christian and secular artists live and in the studio. He had the opportunity to play with artists such as: Eliot Kennedy (songwriter of hit songs for Bryan Adams, Take That, Spice Girls, Five and many more), Lucy Spraggan, Philippa Hanna, Peter Asher (Peter and Gordon), Jennifer Paige, and many more.

“I love the versatility of being locked up in the studio working on songs and then going out and performing in front of people. Music is not just one thing for me. It gives a rhythm to my life. If I’m stuck in the studio all the time, I become restless and want to hit the road. Being on the road too much leads me back to my longing for the studio. It is the balance of it all what I really enjoy. Harmony.”

So if you would like your next music project to include the amazing talent that is Aron Bicskey why not connect with him on Facebook | Instagram and tell him we sent you!