Aremmic captivates listeners with new single ‘Echoes of Love’

Dallas-based singer, songwriter, musician, and gospel sensation Aremmic captivates listeners once again with his new single, ‘Echoes of Love’. Written and composed by Aremmic, this deeply personal and soulful gospel ballad explores the enduring nature of God’s love, a message that transcends time and offers hope to all who hear it. Inspired by the power of forgiveness and redemption, ‘Echoes of Love’ serves as a poignant reminder from Aremmic that God’s love is ever-present, echoing through the ages since His sacrifice over 2,000 years ago.

Accompanying the release of ‘Echoes of Love’ is a visually stunning music video directed by Gorilla Boy, known for his work with top artists like Burna Boy, Asake, Fireboy DML, and Davido. Filmed in Lagos, Nigeria, the video features dramatic storytelling and emotional dance sequences that perfectly complement the song’s themes of love and redemption.

Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘Echoes of Love’, Aremmic explains, “God’s love for us is like an echo that never fades. Even before Jesus’ sacrifice, His plan for our salvation was already in motion. Just as a shepherd leaves the ninety-nine to find the one lost sheep, God’s love reaches out to each individual. He doesn’t wait for us to come to Him; He actively seeks us out.”

Aremmic, a soulful singer-songwriter with a deep passion for worship, leads audiences into intimate encounters with God through his heartfelt music. Originally hailing from Osun State, Nigeria, Aremmic’s musical journey was nurtured under the guidance of his choir director father. From a young age, he was immersed in the rich sounds of gospel music, starting with the conga drums, and eventually mastering various instruments. His move to Ibadan during his teenage years marked the beginning of his singing journey, where his unique vocal timbre was first recognized and nurtured in college. Aremmic continued to refine his musical skills at University, actively contributing to the university choir for several years.

With over 100,000 global streams already under his belt, Aremmic’s captivating voice, tender melodies, and soulful harmonies continues to touch hearts across the world.

‘Echoes of Love’ is a reflective and heartfelt invitation to experience the boundless and enduring love of God, reflecting Aremmic’s profound belief in God’s love for humanity.

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