Are you doing enough to Be Like CHRIST?

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Aaron Gillespie (formerly of Underoath) now lead vocalist & guitarist of Christian rock band The Almost talks in the video below about what it means to be a Christian and a true follower of Christ.

It is interesting that last night’s sermon at our convention in Walsall, the Bishop who was teaching made the perhaps controversial statement that in the church today there were too many followers of Jesus and not enough followers of Christ. What does that mean exactly?

Well Aaron picked up on the first aspect of this and although the video is 3 years old it still sums up the point that Jesus the Christ showed love and was love to all around him. Whether that person was a prostitute or the hated tax collector.

I recently was at a church in Stratford where a decently dressed man walked in off the street and begged to use the toilet facilities. He was turned away by the lady in charge who told him emphatically that they were not for public use. His went and urinated outside the door. She looked at me and expressed her disgust. The experience although perhaps a simple one with explanations and all had a profound effect on me nontheless.

If we struggle so much in our attempt to be generous, forgiving, and compassionate enough to love people unconditionally as Jesus did, then how will we do when called to suffer trials, temptation and persecution even as He did in His calling as The Christ. Are you doing enough to be a true follower of Jesus? Are you doing enough to be just like Christ?


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