Anchor Hymns introduce soulful first original ‘Sing, Sing, Sing’

Anchor Hymns is all about gathering to honor and join in the lineage of great songs of truth handed down over time. After two initial EPs presenting groovy, folk-driven versions of Church classics, the collective introduces their first original piece, Sing, Sing, Sing. The new song carries the soulful essence that sets Anchor Hymns apart in the worship sphere. Led by Sarah Kroger, Jasmine Mullen, Antoine Bradford, and Dwan Hill, it might come across as an “odd choice” – in the words of collective founder Andrew Osenga – because its nature is not a congregational song but one about the importance of the hymnal tradition. Osenga continues, “‘Sing, Sing, Sing’ serves as a sort of thesis for why we think this stuff matters.”

The groove at the heart of Anchor Hymns’ new single is infectious, as they hope it becomes a wide-open door to the joy and music oozing from their community.

Anchor Hymns is made of Paul Baloche, Leslie Jordan, Taylor Leonhardt, Jasmine Mullen, Dee Wilson, Antoine Bradford, Sarah Kroger, Jess Ray, Tim Timmons, Garrett Tyler, Lucy Grimble, Dwan Hill, Sandra McCracken, Chaunda Jefferson, Brian Eichelberger, Ricky Vazquez, Brent Milligan, and Andrew Osenga.