An interview with UK Hip Hop artist – Marxman

Marxman is a UK based gospel hip-hop artist with a strong passion for God and a heart for young people.

From the age of 15 Marxman was mentored by GIFTED, a UK Gospel hip-hop artist and pioneer and was taught how to write his own songs, encouraged to develop his own style and educated in how to apply the word of God to his rhymes. We caught up with him recently for an interview.

How did the name Marxman come about?

The name Marxman was given to me because God has given me the lyrics and tools to always hit the mark with my music, delivering lyrics straight to the heart to have an impact on the listener.

We know you started from age 15 but tell us a bit more about how things began.

Well I started off in a rap group that was put together by GIFTED called The Rap Acadics, with ‘Rap’ holding the meaning ‘Reaching All People.’ The group went around London to various churches, youth groups and events, ministering to the youth wherever they could. God eventually led me into solo ministry and I continued to minister wherever God would lead partnering with other gospel artists along the way, to work on individual songs and projects with the aim of making sure the youth were reached and had a voice in the church. I also preached at numerous churches here and abroad as led by the Holy Spirit.

We all know the Christian walk isn’t easy for anyone. Were you always in the church?

No. Things took a dramatic turn for me in my early 20s where situations caused me to turn away from God. I found himself in a world where alcohol, sex, deception and theft became my way of life and all I lived for. During that period I fought against even mentioning the name of Jesus let alone attending any church. God continued to call me but I chose to live my own life by my own rules, resulting in broken relationships and more.

How did you find your way back?

I believe God had a plan for me and I found myself in my very own ‘Book of Job’ experience where everything I had and loved was totally stripped from me, leaving me in a place where I was homeless, penniless and in need of a change. It was at that point one night I realised all that was left was me and God, so I re-dedicated myself back to Jesus. 

What’s the journey been like since your renewal?

That renewed confession of faith saw a complete change in my life and things started to be restored to me. I re-focused on the ministry and now run a Christian company that has worked with gospel artists such as Lurine Cato, The Cokers, Fiona Yorke, Guvna B and more in the UK and worldwide. With a fresh message to deliver and a rekindled fire for God, I am out to save souls and become the man that God desires me to be.

Music continues to play a big part in your life, how did that progress?

On the 8th August 2015 I released my debut single titled ‘I Surrender’ which features Paul Watson and is available on iTunes, Amazon and other online stores. The title itself is a statement of my position with God, I just fully surrender to Him. The track shares part of my testimony about where I have come from. In October 2015 I received a Praisetek Gospel Music Award in the HipHop/Rap Category so things are coming on nicely.

What does the future look like for you musically?

It’s an exciting year as I have a new single due for release at the end of April 2016. I’m also getting ready to release an additional song featuring Fiona Yorke and will hopefully be touring America and Japan later this year.

Marxman with his company Tru-Life Promotions will be hosting their next event titled Rap 4 Christ on 07.05.16

You can catch up with him on his Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

O’Neil Dennis

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