Amy Faith Morley releases Ukrainian cover of ‘The Blessing’ for charity 

Christian artist Amy Faith Morley has gathered together various singers and voices from across the world to record a Ukrainian cover of ‘The Blessing’. The single, which will be released on Amy’s YouTube channel on Saturday (21st May) aims to raise funds for families affected by the war in Ukraine. 

The singer-songwriter based in Liverpool, has previously worked in the war-torn country for Christian organisation Youth With A Mission (YWAM). Amy and her husband Josh are part of YWAM and know many of the families affected by the war there, after spending time teaching in the school of Kyiv. Aware of the very real struggles her friends in Ukraine face, Amy invited as many people as possible to film themselves singing along to her special version of ‘The Blessing’.

“I have friends out there who are putting their own lives at risk taking food and humanitarian aid to people who need it most,” said Amy. “They are just so brave. They want to stay there and serve and believe that’s what God has for them.”

“It is heart-breaking to see the destruction and devastation the war is having on that nation, and yet moving to see the compassion and kindness among the people, as well as the bravery of their country’s leader. I believe it is through prayer that the YWAM team there are getting to see the goodness of God and experience miracles that they report back each day on their facebook page.”

During the Coronavirus pandemic, many artists recorded different versions of ‘The Blessing’ which gave Amy the inspiration for this project to encourage those in Ukraine. 

“The blessing is such a beautiful, but powerful song and it’s straight from the scriptures,” she said. “I just found myself looking for the Ukrainian version of it but couldn’t find it anywhere. The versions I had seen titled for Ukraine were actually being sung in English or Russian. So, I wanted to make the song available in the Ukrainian language to encourage people in that country. My YWAM friend here in Liverpool, Alla Mykhailenko is from Ukraine and she taught me how to sing it in her language and I thought it would be nice to invite other people to record it with me.”

The single features the Counterpoint and Castle Belles Choirs led by Elaine Buckland, fellow artists Rob Westall, Debra Mayo and Joe Pope, numerous YWAM members. Australian artist Kayleen West has produced the artwork after hearing the song.

“God inspired her to paint prophetically as she listened to the song,” said Amy. “It was really touching to see the image she produced of the innocence of a child holding of a sunflower, their national flower and a symbol of peace and God’s blessing over that nation. I really hope hearing the song in Ukranian and seeing the faces of people singing over them from across the nations will bless the people in Ukraine who hear it.” 

All money raised from the single will be donated to Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in Kyiv who are delivering humanitarian aid across the country. A recent post on their Facebook page read:

“We are moving closer to the front lines with humanitarian aid. Our team recently took a load to Zaporizhia. This is where the people who have been evacuated from Mariupol have been brought. The need there is great, and the risk for our drivers is real. We are also networking with different contacts and in the coming days we will be getting more supplies even closer to the front lines where it is desperately needed. Thank you to everyone who is making this possible.”

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