All female collective FAITHFUL release live album recorded in Nashville studio

FAITHFUL‘s live album “Go And Speak” features recordings from the 2021 livestream event where members of the FAITHFUL community creatively shared God’s faithfulness to women throughout Scripture. The FAITHFUL Project is a collection of stories, music, lyrics, and art created and curated by many of today’s thought-provoking and influential female Christian artists and authors. ‘Go And Speak (Live)’ encourages women by inspiring them to spread the Gospel of Christ, just as they have been doing for millennia. Whether it is through song or deed, FAITHFUL remind us that we all have a voice in the Kingdom of God. The live album was recorded in intimate settings at Nashville’s Ocean Way Studios, as a group of artists gathered in the room singing along. ‘Go And Speak (Live)’ encapsulates the energy and excitement of what the Lord is doing in our time. Featured on the Today show, this unprecedented collaboration between artists and authors has led to a stunning collection of poetry and resonance through song.

Other artists involved on FAITHFUL‘s new album along with Amy Grant, Ellie Holcomb, Ann Voskamp, and Sarah Macintosh include Sandra McCracken, Ginny Owens, Leslie Jordan, Christy Nockels, Rachael Lampa, Kelly Minter, Savannah Locke, Sarah Kroger, Christa Wells, Tamar Chipp, Jess Ray, Janice Gaines, Trilla Newbell, and Taylor Leonhardt.

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