Alex Boye: I believe I have found my purpose, have you found yours?


Step FWD came across Mormon recording artist Alex Boye’s story and knowing so many upcoming and emerging artist we thought to share it. How many of you can relate?

As a homeless teenager in London, Alex found fame and fortune as a member of a popular boy band named ‘Awesome’. But something was missing. Not until he found Jesus Christ did he discover his true purpose in life. He said “I want to be a part of something that helps others come closer to Christ.”

Alex has been entertaining audiences worldwide for over 15 years. He was born and raised in London, England,and has had hits in over 15 countries, selling over half a million Cd’s and have performed alongside such groups as Bryan Adams, George Michael, Simon Garfunkel,MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice, N’SYNC, Jay-Z, The Backstreet Boys, Jordyn Sparks,Dancing with the stars winner Derek Huff Missy Elliott, Mary. J.Blige, David Archuleta, and The smashing Pumpkins to name a few.

In answer to how he lives his faith Alex had this to say, “I live my faith one day at a time, and I wear it on my sleeve. I am an open book and filter my whole life through the things I believe. If it is good, and uplifting, I will do it, if it is destructive and brings me down or people around me, then I wont’ do it. This comes from the principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and has made ALL the difference in my life!”

Alex believes he has found his purpose. Have you? Visit the website for more stories.

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