Album Review: Not Ashamed – Crossfya

We’ve teamed up with our friends over at One Man In The Middle to bring you regular, unbiased and honest reviews of music albums aimed at the Christian marketplace. This week we have Crossfya with their new EP – Not Ashamed and a overall review score of 7.9 out of 10.

Album Information:

Crossfya was birthed out of a passion for music and faith in Jesus. Combining their catchy hooks with thumping beats that will get you jumping, the band have an infectious and powerful message to share. Their rap/dance fuse is a smash with young people the world over. The 4 piece line-up of TC, MellorD, April and Breaker take every opportunity to share their faith, whether that is in the UK or abroad.

Over the last few years they have played in front of over 250,000 and seen thousands say yes to Jesus. Do not miss their new EP release, Not Ashamed.


I am glad that in the UK there are a bunch of guys who give their time and talents to take a Christian message into schools as a primary part of their mission. This continues a long line that started with bands like World-Wide Message Tribe and more recently has seen bands like L.E.D? and Twelve24 also working in this important mission. CrossFya is also a band that has some awesome opportunities in schools and have seen many young people commit their lives to Jesus.

In order to work in schools the individuals and the music has to have a certain amount of street appeal. This shows in the fact that most of these bands tend to be dance/rap/hip-hop style artists. CrossFya are also in this vein and they certainly pump out some great beats and hooks on this new 6 track EP.

There is no way that you could listen to this album and miss the messages of these songs. This recording opens with the early verses from Genesis before we have some belting vocals that sum up the message. “I’m searching for the light / so why did you give your life for mine? / Shine / Fix me from inside”.

The album is called “Not Ashamed” and one thing is true, they are not ashamed of the name of Jesus! The name of Jesus echoes through our school corridors on a daily basis, but mostly as a swear word! The song “Turn Up” combats this by talking about calling on the name of Jesus and God will turn up. I would imagine the idea of the name of Jesus being something powerful would be a new concept to many of the kids that are being reached.

There is a great contrast which is used throughout this EP of the female powerful voice contrasted with the rap bars. My favourite track on this short EP, which uses this really well is “Put Your Hands Up” which utilises a very candy-pop catchy hook to get everyone involved with joining in. There is a lot of good stuff packed into the rap on these tracks and they are clear and quick.

If you like this style of Christian music then this is a great example. It will have you out of your seat and jumping around the room, or if you are a more conservative Christian then you will definitely be tapping your toes to these great tunes. There are some great hooks and many of them will embed themselves in your mind for days, particularly the very catchy la la’s on “Put Your Hands Up”.

If you have teens who are looking for something positive and edifying to listen to, or just a change from the diet of hip hop and rap that is presented by the media then this is a highly recommended option!

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