Album Review: NewSongs: For The Church 2016 – Spring Harvest

We’ve teamed up with our friends over at One Man In The Middle to bring you regular, unbiased and honest reviews of music albums aimed at the Christian marketplace. This week we have Spring Harvest with NewSongs: For The Church 2016 with an overall review score of 6.9 out of 10.

Album Information:

New to this year’s Spring Harvest festival, this exciting collection of new songs written by the most innovative names in contemporary worship are written to stir and to inspire. Over the past years, Spring Harvest’s annual festival attracts thousands of Christians from across the UK and beyond, all looking for inspiration, equipping, and empowering. This year is no different.

With the theme of ‘Game Changers’, this year’s festival seeks to inspire Churches to be the change in their communities with exciting talks, insightful sessions, and life-filled worship.

This collection of new music follows the transformative theme Game Changers with a selection of songs for Churches to dive into, equipping them with power and drive to make a positive impact.

Featuring songs by Rend Collective, David Crowder & Matt Redman, Tim Hughes, and more, NewSongs 2016 is a valuable resource not only for Churches or Festival goers, but individuals, small groups, and anyone wanting to experience God’s power and movement.

New songs for a new year and a new Church.


So you’ve been to Spring Harvest over the Easter period and have come back blessed, ready to bring the experience to your local churches and share the new songs. Whilst you wait for the ‘live’ Spring Harvest album to be released to remind you of the blessing this is a great little CD to pick up from Spring Harvest’s partner Elevation.

This New Songs 2016 album features songs from worship artists around the world, but this is not a compilation of tracks off other albums, these are effectively covers of the tracks by a group of UK based worship leaders and recording artists. However this is not like the cheap £1.99 CDs that you used to buy in Service Stations and discount stores where they sound nothing like the original! The first sign of the quality recording is talented musician Dan Wheeler on guitar for these tracks. The vocalists aren’t bad either, faithfully bringing their own sound to these songs from the bigger names in worship.

I don’t think there are many songs on this collection that will really surprise anyone. This is a great selection including songs written by Rend Collective, Matt Redman and Jesus Culture and more. The two tracks that stand out for me are ones I have heard before within their respective albums but work well here in this blend, they are “Abide With Me” and “Eyes On You”.

If you are looking for a collection of the recent songs across labels then this Spring Harvest New Songs release is definitely a release you should pick up.

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