Adebambi releases powerful new single ‘You Are God’

Brand new and powerful single out now from Adebambi is titled ‘You Are God’. It was while meditating on God’s greatness and awesomeness that ‘You Are God’ was birthed. This song articulates and describes an indescribable God by listing out some of His awesome traits. Humbled at the knowledge that such a matchless God; who is the beginning and the end of all creation and God all by himself, could be so mindful of us, ‘You Are God’ is a song that celebrates His greatness.

Adebambi (Ă-day-bam-bee) is an artist infusing spirituality with melody—using vocals, message lyrics, and an engaging, soulful worship style to facilitate an authentic worship experience. Through her music, Adebambi wants you to know her God intimately; and hopes to connect listeners to their heart of worship with vulnerability in a one-on-one audience with Him.

Already receiving high praise from listeners for both voice and lyrics, ‘You Are God’ was written by Adebambi, Seyi Odumosu and Goziam Okogwu who also produced the track.

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