Adam & Kid release official video for single I’M FREE [Music Video]


Adam & Kid have now released the official music video for their single ‘I’m Free’ off their 10 track original debut album which shares the same title.

This musical duo based in London UK has a passion and a purpose to positively influence people’s lives through music and performance. Step FWD came across them months ago and having been impressed with their humble manner and professional attitude, has been supporting them and their ministry ever since. Their is no doubt either that the talent characterizes an intense passion for serving God and ministering to everyone they come in contact with.

‘I’m Free’ is a simple statement of fact but one that is so often misunderstood. Adam & Kid remind us that “you’re free when you trust in Jesus…”. There carefully crafted lyrics and impressive delivery emphasizes that the victory has already been won. And because Jesus has already delivered “if we know where you’re gonna be, and spend eternity, then shout I’m free”.

Not only do they remind us that we are free but they inspire us to act upon that knowledge, take charge of our lives in the strength of Christ declaring that oppression, depression, stressing and sickness should go.

Well done Adam & Kid for a timely, clean and fun looking video that draws scenes from the lyrical content giving the viewer extra visual insight into the story-line. Great to see the focus on the whole package for a digital age.

Check out their song and video below and let us know your thoughts. Purchase the I’m Free album on iTunes and follow them on Twitter for info on upcoming shows.


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