A Star has come back and is on fire with ‘Outside’ feat. S.O.

UK Gospel Rapper A Star has just shown that he means business in his latest drop ‘Outside’. It’s his first solo release for three years, yet it’s immediately obvious he hasn’t lost his touch at all. As always, he doesn’t hold back so get your ears ready for this absolute vibe which he opens up so perfectly with:

“Back on this thing, yeah I’m writing again, man pulled up outside in a Benz, I caught the shots they firing, no retiring, so I’m riding again.”

Tackling negativity head-on, A Star makes it clear he has no time for hate. Why? Because he has a purpose in Christ, his eyes are fixed on that prize and there’s nothing stopping him! He takes to the mic to call out clout-chasers on social media who use negativity as a way to gain attention.

However, instead of exchanging hate for hate in ‘Outside’, he tells us that no matter what people may say to him on the online platforms, it makes no difference to him. With a hard beat and fire lyrics topped up with a chorus sung by S.O., this is a collaboration not to be missed in this latest Gospel Grime release.

“No negative talk, negative vibes, what do you want from me? I got the whole team on my side, better not come for me.”

Across all streaming platforms – his release is not one to be missed so find out how YOU CAN LISTEN HERE. One thing is for certain, more is to come. So let’s buckle up and keep an eye out for what A Star has got prepared for us next!

As well as being a prominent UK Gospel Artist, A Star is also the founder of Hidden Pain Society with the aim to raise awareness of Sickle Cell and the need for blood donations – relating to his own experiences with Sickle Cell Anaemia. Keep up to date with his ventures by following him on Instagram and Twitter.