A STAR – DFMB feat Utter Once & Jahaziel [Music Video]

astar dfmb

UK rapper A Star with his new single ‘DFMB’ which stands for ‘Down For My Brothers’ featuring fellow UK rappers Utter Once & Jahaziel and produced by Ghetto Ace.

DFMB is out now and available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Spotify. Check out some of the lyrics and video below.

You know it’s DFMB
Back in this I pack it in so I don’t see no envy
Growing up around some brothers
That showed no love to others
Tryna lead em all to Jesus so at least they’re set free, ay!
It’s more than a acronym
Tryna show life’s more than the cash and whips
Gotta lay your life down for the cats your with
Fam talk is cheap start acting it
I’m backing it
For the cats that are trapped in flats in this
And they’re lacking the pats on the back in this
Coz dad kicked out from back when they never had jack in this
The sacrifice that my Saviour made when He came to earth
We can’t compare to His death but still we gotta make it work
He placed us first, bride and church when He gave us birth
And never claimed for honour and glory He came to serve

We’re called to do that
Its all in the scriptures I can prove that
1 John 3:16 better read it see no doubt I have to move back, fact!
And lay my life down freely indeed
You know I’m down for my brothers so its DFMB hol up!

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