80’s Gospel Choir Reunite To Dance To The Beat Of Professional Drummer!

Founded in 1979 in Birmingham, West Midlands, a dynamic group of young people were handpicked under the watchful eye of Choir director Pamela Mckyntre.

The Highgate Gospel Choir (HGC) quickly rose to fame throughout the 80s. Ministering up and down the country at a host of various churches and concerts. With a unique sound and a God-given gift, their ability to change the atmosphere whilst ministering became their calling card.

In March of 1984, HGC performed at Wandsworth Civic Hall. The show was recorded to produce their debut album, “Oh How Good is The Lord”. Little did they know, hidden amongst the screaming fans, was a budding drummer named, Donavan Hepburn.

“The energy that emanated off of them literally made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up!” As the youngest of his family, Donavan recounts fond memories of his older siblings being members of the choir and how the sound of the choir formed the soundtrack of his youth. “Saturdays were always buzzing with the excitement of my siblings getting ready to head out to another concert” Hepburn – Drummer and Musical Director for Jeff Lynne’s ELO, James Bay and Take That – has turned his hand to music production and has managed to mastermind a plan to relight the fire of these, almost forgotten, greats to record a reunion album, titled “The Legacy Project”. He shared his experience recording the reunion album “Even after 40 years, it’s like they’d been singing together this whole time!” HGC’s new single – a reimagined version of the 1985 title track ‘How Good is The Lord’.

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