5 Things To Know about UK Rap Trio The HOPE DEALERS!

The upcoming Rap trio Hope Dealers are quickly gaining recognition in the UK for their music, and aStepFWD were able to talk to them to find out more!

Amongst the strong and re-emerging grime & hip hop scene, it can be a hard for artists to stand out. However, that’s exactly what Hope Dealers have been doing ever since they released their first Bl@ckBox Freestyle. Receiving praise from established artists such as Guvna B and A Star, there’s no doubt that the Hope Dealers are a force to be reckoned with and we’re excited to see where they will go!

We were recently able to get in touch with the group and ask them about a few things that many of their fans may not even know the answers to! You can read the questions, and their responses below!

1) When did you guys decide to form Hope Dealers?

We (MeansMusic Joebloggs & J_SMLS) decided to form Hope Dealers at the ending of 2013, we go to the same church, Potters House in Croydon and share similar interests and taste in music.

2) Can you tell us anything about your future plans for music?

We are excited to be releasing a mixtape HD Living at the end of July along with a video, and plan to do some visuals to the songs on that mixtape as well as working on an E.P.

3) What’s your most embarrassing moment as a group?

Our most embarrassing moment as a group has to be on one of our outreaches whilst doing music live our generator cutting out mid-set, with loads of people from the public watching.

4) If you could work with anyone in the industry, who would it be?

 If we could work with anyone in the USA it would have to be This’l & in the UK it would be A Star.

5) Which of your songs or freestyles took the longest to do, and why?

Our Bl@ck Box took the longest to do as we wrote some of the lyrics on the same day as the shoot, this is why a few mistakes were made.

With an EP and a mixtape in the works, the work rate is clearly there and it’s going to be amazing to see what will come of the rest of 2015 for this upcoming group.

Josh de Thierry

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