5 things to know about new Spoken Word artist – David Abiona

Another surprise yet refreshing find is spoken word artist David Abiona (DaveCreates) who recently released ‘State of Mind’ and uses music, poetry and rap to bring to deliver thought provoking and intellectually written pieces. The university student is passionate about poetry, music and sneakers but more on that later.

As we do with each new artist we come across in the UK Christian Chart monthly submissions, we got in touch! From a very interesting and fun conversation we bring you 5 things you need to know about this upcoming artist, who has big talent and even bigger dreams. Here’s David Abiona, in his own words:

• Studies
I’m currently an undergraduate at Loughborough University studying Communication and Media Studies. Media Studies has been the subject I’ve engaged in and enjoyed the most since my secondary school days. One of my favourite parts of the course is understanding the deeper meaning and connotations behind text such as in film.

• Faith
I was born into a Christian family and subsequently gave my life to Christ at a very early age, however I started to take my relationship with God more seriously during my teenage years. I’ve witnessed myself grow through various experiences, a highlight of which is serving on the executive team of my Christian youth fellowship at university – Radical Youth.

• Art form
My art form consists of spoken word, rap and writing poems, though they all come under poetry! Listening to artists such as Nick Brewer, George the Poet and Hawk House has been a big inspiration to me. I’m a huge fan of creatives with skilful technique as well as those with a conscious and meaningful message. In my work you can expect to hear that plus smart wordplay, inspiration and plenty of food for thought and action.

• Interests
Outside of music and poetry, I’m what some would call a sneakerhead! My passion and eye for kicks, along with the suggestion from a family member, led me to start Tread Softly – a sneaker blog that commentates on the sneaker culture in a creative way – whether that be through poetry, news, reviews or thought-provoking features.

• Plans for the future
Music is such an amazing and beautiful form of expression to me and by God’s grace I aim to pursue a career in it. Looking at the short term, I’m working on putting out some rap material as well as more spoken word pieces. Generally speaking, I aim to grow as an artist and person with every piece, performance and day of my life!

Check out a few lines from his ‘State of Mind’ address:

So how does one establish an empire without the right state of mind?
Without a diligent mindset how can I possess the keys to an estate of mine?
You think you have rich dreams come see the state of mine!
My diamonds are buried underneath, why do you think they search the mines?
And if you’re looking for a rich man’s success don’t search his wallet, search his mind.
Because to get success you must add value to yourself,
But too many of us evade this tax like it’s a crime,
We’re throwing Rolex watches in the bin; wasting “Value Adding Time”,
Expecting to become wealthy with a bankrupt state of mind.

Definitely one to watch wouldn’t you agree? Follow him on Twitter

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