4 UK Artists You May Not Know But Should Listen To!

So we dug into the Top 10 list to pull out 4 AUDIO tracks that we think you’ll enjoy! Every month we have an abundance of talent that we get excited about. It all just goes to reinforce our passion and commitment to UK music and artist and to empower from within…


Samm Henshaw is Soul/ R&B singer who, with just two massive singles this past couple months, saw the heads turn that led to his signing. If you’re planning on seeing Tori Kelly anytime soon in the UK, you’ll also be watching Samm! Listen to ‘Redemption’ which reached #1 in the May Step FWD UK Christian Chart quickly followed by June #8 track ‘Better’.


You may have heard his debut single ‘Regardless’ or listened to him perform on Premier Gospel, but if not, we’ve got you covered. You can listen to his major single here! Stay tuned as Possible P gears up for the release of his next single! Listen to ‘Regardless’ which reached #1 in the June Step FWD UK Christian Chart.


Rachel is a singer and songwriter based in the South West. Her latest EP released under Orphan No More showed off not only her incredible vocal ranger, but also her ability to write. Make sure you watch out for more from her! Listen to ‘Rise’ which reached #3 in the April Step FWD UK Christian Chart.


You may have seen some of our previous interviews with the Hope Dealers, and if not, make sure you read them here. The Hope dealers have put out a full mixtape as well as a multitude of singles and freestyle videos, and have gained the respect of many of the UK’s leading artists. Listen to their single ‘Get Go’ which reached #4 in the August Step FWD UK Christian Chart. Their ‘Aint On Nothin Remix’ hit #2 back in February.

Josh de Thierry

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