If you’ve never heard of Elle (pronounced ‘Ellie’) Limbear, you’ve probably heard of her father, Delirious? frontman, Martin Smith (‘I Can Sing Of Your Love Forever’, ‘Majesty’). Therefore, it’s safe to say that she’s honed her craft, watching and learning from one of the world’s most successful Christian bands of all time, who are credited for being instrumental in changing the face of worship music as we know it today. 

‘What Love Looks Like’ is Limbear’s newest single, off her debut album “Lost in Wonder” released in February 2020. The album is her second offering to the Christian music market following an EP she released in 2019. Penned by the Brighton resident singer-songwriter and worship leader, the pop-infused track would sit well within the sound dominating the Christian music airwaves currently. It’s a sound fostered by artists like Jordan Feliz, For King and Country and Toby Mac (post-DC Talk), just to name a few. In ‘What Love Looks Like’ though, Limbear manages to inject her own originality and creativity with the inclusion of acapella segments and spots of joviality that compliment her distinct, slightly raspy vocal. It is modern. It is fresh. But carries an age-old truth that ‘Love’ looks like a ‘relentless sacrifice’; the ‘scars in Your hands and feet’ and the ‘Thorn crown You wore for me’.

Limbear who is also a youth pastor, studied photography at college. But after graduation, spent the next two years leading worship alongside her father around the world. She says leading worship with him is her favourite thing. Of her songs, she says her hope is for her friends who don’t know Jesus to still identify with them, have them on their playlists, “spreading hope, drawing them into truth, and then seeing it spread out to their friends, colleges, clubs, through their cities and wider.”

Congrats again to Elle with her February 2020 No.3 single What Love Looks Like. Click the image below for the full listing of February’s UK Christian Chart Top 20 tracks in partnership with Compassion UK.

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