#3 track ‘The Becoming’ by Icie

“I truly want to thank and appreciate Judges and public supporters for placing me as Number 3 in the Step FWD Christian Chart. As an artist you put your heart and soul into this work, so it means a lot when that work is in some way acknowledged and recognized.

What the Step FWD team are doing is a great thing, because the organisation is providing a platform for music of faith to be showcased and made credible. You have my support!”

“The Becoming’ is a track I wrote to encourage men across the world to keep being the men they are in the different roles they inhabit in society. A lot of men carry so many burdens on their shoulders without any encouragement or support. I wanted to write a song that gave them a voice to the world.”

September #3 track ‘The Becoming’
Step FWD UK Christian Chart