#3 track ‘Hello World’ Selina Cole

‘Hello World’ marks the second track seen in the UK Christian Chart by Leicester based singer/songwriter Selina Cole. Trinity 5/7, Kierra Sheard , Fred Hammond and Mali Music are just a few artist she names as influences, inspiring her musical interest which started with her songwriting from age eleven.

Selina first came to our attention when she scored a #5 hit with ‘If God Be For Me’ back in June 2015 of the UK Christian Chart Top 10. We caught up with her for a quick interview as seen below:

1. Can you tell us anything about your future plans for music?

My future plans for music would be to do the will of God. I’ve written many songs and my main purpose in life would be to spread my music to everyone and most of all bless people with the songs. I am also hoping to get more performances to spread the Gospel.

2. Which of your songs do you feel best represents you?

I feel that all my songs represent me in one way or another ‘Racing For My Life’ was more like a journey I was taking and realising that this race that we’re in is to take us to God and this race will end one day. So we have to keep pushing and racing towards the prize which is to see Gods face (1 Corinthians 9-24). “If God Be For Me” was more of me realising that when we have God in our life, nothing can come against us. The devil will always try and destroy our life but if God is with us no one can be against us (Romans 8-31). My latest single ‘Hello World’ is the one that represents me most. We go through so much in this world and do so much for a world that will soon end but when we come to a place were God is the only person that matters, this world will not matter at all.

3. What is that one thing that no one else knows about you?

One thing that no one would knows is that I am very shy when it comes to my music. It takes me a long time to record music. I actually wrote ‘Hello World’ nearly a year ago but I very shy about recording and releasing it but God is always proving to me that the music I write will bless people which is one of the main reason I feel now to push my music more and more.

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