Day #2 – Your Life ‘Water into Wine’ – JOHN Chapter 2 | #21DOJ


“When the master of the feast had tasted the water that was made wine and did not know where it came from…” John 2: 9.

This was the first the miracle that Jesus performed at the beginning of his ministry to manifest his glory. This story is very significant and powerful, and shows the power of The LORD Jesus to transform those who surrender their lives to him.

Water has no taste, however wine is full of flavor. This is what will happen to those who believe in him wholeheartedly. He transforms their lives completely. It does not matter if they are drug addicts, prostitutes, murderers etc. “Nothing is impossible for those who believe”.

Although the LORD Jesus is not physically on earth, however His spirit is and he is waiting to possess us and transform our tasteless lives to the “good wine”.

Just as the master of the feast said to the bridegroom “You have kept the good wine until now”.

So what are you waiting for. Surrender 100% to him and watch him transform your life.

God Bless

Michael A

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