2014 African Gospel Winner Philemon releases amazing new single!


Talented Gospel writer and vocalist Philemon recently released his latest single and video titled ‘Fill Me Up’ featuring Yayo!

Philemon is undoubtedly rising as a respected artist in the international Gospel scene, having been nominated for multiple prestigious awards in Africa, as well as his music often crossing continents. Although these are some of the reasons for his rise in the industry, it’s clear that his quality music is the leading factor.

His captivatingly smooth voice over the tight production in ‘Fill Me Up’ is a perfect example of such quality music. The addition of Yayo’s verse also further shows this ability to craft songs, as the contrast in tone between both Philemon and Yayo also ensures that the listener’s attention isn’t lost at any point. Philemon’s passion for Jesus is also evident in the song as we see his desire to grow in Him as he sings ‘Fill me up with your living water’.

When contacted by aStepFWD Bro. Philemon had this to say,

“This song speaks to my inner-most being. As a man growing up I went through afflictions and losses. This made me question God which I know I was not supposed to. This song expresses my heart’s desire for God to fill me with is living water as I know that’s the only way I can grow stronger in him. So I hope listeners will use this as a prayer, allow themselves to be touched by the message being sent out through the music and I believe God who never fails will meet them at their very lowest moment!”

This single is definitely one you will want to pick up and you can buy it HERE NOW! 

Watch the official video below!

Josh de Thierry