#2 TRACK ‘RISEN’ Soul Survivor ft. Tom Smith

He carried all the weight on his shoulders, battered and bruised for our sake. ‘Christ has risen’, for you…. Yes, for you alone. View things from this perspective; someone taking accountability for us all, despite the mistakes we make time and time again. ‘You were forgotten, you were forsaken, beautiful saviour left to die’.

All the pain, depression and sorrow that we face on this earth, it is not for us to handle, for we are free because of Jesus Christ alone. ‘Risen’ – the UK Christian Chart December 2018 No.2 track by Soul Survivor feat. Tom Smith conveys the message that we have unlimited love. Our role as humans is, to give the Lord Jesus Christ all our praise and worship. This beautiful song has an alternative worship feel, with the instrumentals adding the essence of power and the overwhelming impact to kneel down. Give all to our thanks to our Lord and Personal Survivor.

‘Risen’ is a song that gives all the insight of Jesus’ Crucifixion in a nutshell – Matthew 27 spoken with truth, emotion and passion. With the supreme message throughout the song, one line to forever and always remember in our hearts is, ‘Christ Will Come Again’.

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