#2 TRACK ‘Not Today Satan’ Zion

From artwork and visuals to lyrics, this force of nature with all its quirkiness that is Zion hits you square in the face from the very first listen of this newly released track titled ‘Not Today Satan’.

The Nigerian-born and Manchester-based Alternative Pop singer-songwriter may be fairly new to the UK Christian & Gospel music scene but is quickly gaining a reputation for the outside-the-box creativity that has defined his releases so far.

‘Not Today Satan’ can be likened to a colourful plate of salad: a clever blend of the afrobeat and pop genres interlaced with a soaring electric guitar melody and lyrics expressed in the use of the Nigerian language ‘Yoruba’ mixed with Nigerian ‘pidgin’ and then the English language. I know, I know: It sounds complex and even weird to read on paper but it really, actually works! A true testament to the stellar artistry of Zion.

The message of ‘Not Today Satan’ is clear: The battle lines have been drawn. Zion aptly describes it this way, “Not Today Satan is me saying I will no longer subscribe to negative vibes or be held down by my own inner demons”.

Zion has always been open and vocal about his battle with mental health and has never shied away from using his music as a medium to express this battle. And at #2 in the UKCC for the month of October, it is clear to see that his message apparently resonates! Keep up the good work, Zion!

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