#2 track ‘Left Behind’ Dwayne Tryumf ft. Ian Copeland Green

UK Christian hip-hop royalty Dwayne Tryumf is back with his 4th appearance in the Step FWD UK Christian Chart titled ‘Left Behind’ and features well known producer Ian Copeland Green. Dwayne has had successes in 2015 (featured in J Vessel’s August #2 track ‘Take It To The World’) and in 2014 (April #1 track African Drum + his feature in A Star’s DFMB Remix).

When we contacted Dwayne, who was excited to hear of his #2 success, we were very intrigued to learn that the beat for “Left Behind’ was actually produced way back in 2009. Other ‘little know facts’ he shared are that it was a further 2 years (2013) before the lyrics were penned with Ian Copeland Green who also fully mixed and mastered a final version this year 2015.

Dwayne also told us that the idea to do the track came from Rev. George Hargreaves and was inspired by the movie of the same name released in 2014 and starring Nicholas Cage.

All of this just further proof that good music will stand the test of time. Well done to Dwayne & Ian!

Check out his fun suggestion of how to dance to ‘Left Behind’ below.

Left Behind (how to dance video)

How to dance to my new song!

Posted by Dwayne Tryumf on Tuesday, October 6, 2015

O’Neil Dennis