Passionate and dedicated, Lucy Grimble has created an amazing album full of live recorded worship songs. Based in London, where her album was recorded, she has really woken her listeners to a heart of true worship. To see her live this year, head over to her website now.

The May 2017 UK Christian Chart #1 track ‘Overcomer’ is a sort of battle cry. It speaks of victory and it’s musical arrangement sounds like you could face one thousand challenges after hearing it a couple of times. I love tracks like this, as they remind us to look to Jesus- the real overcomer, rather than our circumstances. With the help of her super talented band, Lucy has done an amazing job of creating a catchy melody that sticks in our heads, with a strong faithful message of hope and endurance.

‘Overcomer’ is upbeat, positive and perfect for a Monday morning or a Sunday afternoon. The album from which May’s #1 track comes – Created To Worship – is truly dedicated to the testimony of Lucy’s ministry.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of her songs from the album via her YouTube Channel.

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