Sometime ago we introduced Diré Pitan as the London based singer & songwriter who was breaking into the UK music scene with his distinct blend of soulful simplicity, funk and pop. You can imagine how pleased we were when the UK Christian Chart Judges and the voting public endorsed him as the #1 artist for March 2016 with his track ‘Inspiration’.

Diré responded to his chart success, “This track made #1 on the UK Christian Chart because of your support. Thanks to God, the One who gave the #Inspiration and also to everyone who took the time out to vote, your votes made the difference.

To the judging panel, we remain thankful and appreciative.

To the #NowhereElse Team, you guys know exactly who you are. Your efforts have not gone to waste and will continue to pay dividends.

To the runners up and the other 29 Contestants, you all sounded amazing. Let us continue to strive to bring Light through our music to an already broken world, with our message succinctly focused on HOPE through a relationship with CHRIST. Thanks yet again and have an amazing Easter Celebration”.

Have a listen also to Diré’s 2nd submission below ‘Nowhere Else’ which narrowly missed out on making the Top 10.

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O’Neil Dennis

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