Winners of Sing: Ultimate A Capella show Vadé release single ‘Cry Your Heart Out’

Having previously featured on our website, Vadé are back and titled WINNERS of the Sing: Ultimate A Cappella TV competition. Since then they have been on Sky News and working with Decca Records on their upcoming album out on December 8th 2017.

On Sunday night they shared the new single ‘Cry Your Heart Out‘, written by One Direction’s Niall Horan. In a caption for the image below they said…

We’re delighted to be crowned winners of Sky One’s ‘Sing: Ultimate A Capella!!

And if winning the show and releasing a beautiful single wasn’t enough good news, they later announced that they have been signed to Decca Records! “Onwards and Upwards!!” they said regarding the signing.

Support Vadé by purchasing their new single on iTunes | Amazon Music (or click image below for more options).


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