UK Christian Chart #1 artist Fiona Yorke releases new ‘Love For Me’ single

Shortly after the success of the UK Christian Chart #1 single ‘Glory Cloud‘ back in August 2016, Fiona Yorke travelled to Ghana to fulfil the vision of filming the video for her newest single release ‘Love For Me‘. The visual was shot at two of Ghana’s most iconic locations: Independence Square and the Jamestown district.

Fiona even climbed the 112 ft tall Jamestown Lighthouse Tower, facing her fear of heights, to perform scenes for the new video. The creative direction of the video aims to highlight the history and the beauty of Ghana whilst incorporating Fiona’s love for her Caribbean heritage.

Love For Me‘ is a contemporary upbeat fusion of funk and soul, which lyrically celebrates and reminds listeners of the capacity of God’s love; inspired by the biblical description of God’s love in Ephesians 3:18: “And may you have the power to understand, as all God’s people should, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep his love is (NLT)”.

Fiona sings how glad she is to have found His love and is sharing this message with the world. In addition to this, she hopes to inspire all to embrace seasons of growth in their life as they “Get Better” each day fulfilling their life’s purpose.

She worked with Marcus Johnson and Ian Copeland Green for the recording and production of the track to produce a sound that fits the project theme of being bold, bright and beautiful!

If you have enjoyed her musical catalogue to date, the #loveforme project will be a must have for your song list collection. The purchase of this new single also sees the relaunch of Glory Cloud, along with the bonus Track – ‘King of Kings‘ feat. Cal-I Jonel, and is available here.

Connect with Fiona on Facebook/YouTube/Twitter/Instagram – FionaYorkeMusic


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