UK A cappella sensation Vadé compete in Sky’s “Sing: Ultimate A cappella”

It’s lights… camera… a cappella! “Sing: Ultimate A Cappella” is a new Sky Original Production that’s a true test of the power and versatility of the human voice. 5 guys hailing from Wolverhampton to Surrey, form Vadé, who will be on the show tonight – Friday 20th October.

You can watch “Sing: Ultimate A Cappella” on channel Sky 1 at 9pm or download the NOW TV app to watch at any time. I asked one of the guys,  Joseph from London, how he felt about it all…

We’re excited and itching to get on the show, and also surprised by how many a cappella groups are out there. It’s good to see the varied community that we didn’t really know existed!

Vadé age between: 25-34 with a Gospel/Soul sound. They each have strong church backgrounds, with founders JJ and Phillip believing they were “born into singing”. JJ grew up in Zimbabwe, where his school was “like Pitch Perfect”, but moved to Essex at 14, to discover he was “the only black kid and no one was singing”. They’re inspired by 90s artists such as Boyz II Men. Vadé say: “We want to win this competition and believe this is the start of making our dreams come true.”

In tonight’s episode, Vadé will be scored on their vocals, musicality, interpretation and performance. Each judge scores the groups out of 10. There will be no backing tracks, no instruments and no second chances! Absolutely everything is done by the human voice, so you’ll be able to see and hear every single sound making genius! Tonight they’ll be performing some classic 90’s hits from their inspirations Boyz II Men.

Don’t forget to catch Phillip, Roy, Jermaine, JJ and Joseph on Sky 1, tonight at 9pm or anytime on the NOW TV app.

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