TOURING…Is it for you?

Without great fan base numbers, solid engagement, good relationships and major online presence many very talented artists are automatically discounted from being considered for headline or support slots by promotional agents, such as event promoters, booking and tour agents.

Promotional agents lose confidence in artists or bands that do not have the obvious ability to attract numbers and sell tickets. Lacking this type of marketing viability aka ‘pulling power’ is something that all creatives need to focus on. Artists who invest in their fan profile, not only make themselves more attractive to Promotional Agents but also increase their ‘bargaining power’ when it comes to negotiating performance fees.

Upcoming Speaker Audrey Gray explains, ‘The benefits to building marketing viability include expanding the international appeal of your music, your sales and your entrance into new markets. I’ve seen Artists that are considered big in their musical environment but lack the core elements that make them a viable option to booking agents, promoters and tour agents alike. You can be sure that, just as fans are scoping you out online, all types of event personnel are viewing, or not viewing, your profiles online before making that initial decision.’

Audrey continues, “Promotional Agents often do their online investigation before approaching an artist or booking team. If you’re difficult to find online and your social media engagement is poor, they tend to think;
(a) if you’re so big, where are your numbers or visual track record.
(b) how can I be sure you’ll make any impact in my territory or any other.

This type of ‘negative’ marketing, is more likely to result in the artists being asked to take a cut on performance fee or reduce their terms & conditions to make up for the risk the Promotional Agent is taking.”

Understanding the issues that prevent Artists from touring was one of the reasons that INtoACTION was formulated.

INtoACTION offers workshops, practical tasks and one-on-one mentoring towards career and music business development and is designed to support creative performers and industry personnel. A core part of these workshops aimed at Creatives not only to provide educational topics and practical tasks that put ‘in-to-action’ positive practices and also to encourage creatives;
(1) to position themselves better in the marketplace.
(2) to help make previously unreachable projects more feasible.

These will, in turn, bring sustainability closer to the Creative while developing the Creative Community.  INtoACTION will be partnering with Events Promotion and Touring Companies to submit Artists that have attended the workshops and applied the principles for upcoming Events and Tours.

Whether you are attempting to tour, seeking funding from Investors, Governmental Organisation, NGO, Crowdfunding or from your local Church, investing in INtoACTION workshops will be beneficial to you. Ultimately, if touring is not on the cards right now, gaining industry knowledge, setting up your music business correctly, building your profile, increase your booking stream and improving your performance fees rating is always on the agenda of any Creative.

INtoACTION’s Artist & Industry Development Workshops start on Thursday 8th June 2017 at Culture Space, Canada Water. Workshops will run for 4 weeks from 6:30pm sharp, spaces are limited.

Special buying options and discounts currently available. Click logo below for more details:


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