Steven Malcolm raps about resilience & resolve on new single ‘On Point’ ft. KB

IVAV recording artist Steven Malcolm was still a newcomer in the rap community when he appeared on KB’s ‘Sideways (Remix)’ in 2015. Six years later, Malcolm– now a multi-time GMA Dove Award nominee with a string of hits– returns the favor by recruiting KB for ‘On Point’. It’s a collaborative tribute to stamina and steely-eyed determination, delivered by two hip-hop heavyweights who recognize the value of hard work. Listen to the track here.

“‘On Point’ is all about being sharp and withstanding the test of time!” says Malcolm, who fills the song with trap beats, a cyclical piano hook, and shoutouts to iconic quarterback Tom Brady.

“Defying the odds is never easy,” he continues, “but a sharp mind can overcome any obstacle. With my favorite football player being the greatest QB, Tom Brady, I couldn’t help but use the best as the metaphor.”

‘On Point’ follows the summertime release of “All Is True”, an EP whose five tracks have earned nearly 700,000 Spotify streams. If that EP found Malcolm focusing on songs about truth, then ‘On Point’ finds him focusing on tenacity. He raps about his day-to-day work ethic and his God-given talent, splitting the song’s verses with KB along the way. Given the multiple mentions of Tom Brady, it’s no coincidence that ‘On Point‘ sometimes feels like the hip-hop equivalent of an athlete’s comments during a pre-game interview. Here, Steven Malcolm is limber, laced up, and ready to take the field.

“This record is all about high energy and motivation for anyone who is looking to be focused!” he explains.

You can listen to ‘On Point’ now by clicking HERE or check it out on Spotify below.