StepFWDTips #22: An interview with – Becca Folkes

To close our series of #StepFWDTips, we caught up with some amazing UK music artists to ask them about their most valuable tips and advice. Stay tuned to see what they had to say about their most creative sparks and spaces!

We have Becca Folkes speaking with us today. She’s young, she’s talented and she’s doing her thing!

Hiya Becca, how is it going? Tell us about yourself!

Hey! My name is Becca Folkes & I am a gospel singer/songwriter from Essex! I’ve been singing since I was an embryo lol. But I started singing with purpose and assignment from the age of 18. It’s been nearly 4 years since I started … and I’m glad I did.

I’m glad you started too! Keep it going girl. What is your understanding of musical excellence?

Musical excellence can come in many forms. But for me, musical excellence is a well-rounded understanding of music; how it impacts those listening as well as being a lover of music. I think I am on a journey to having musical excellence. For me, people like Stevie Wonder, John Mayer & Fred Hammond are artists I’d consider to be excellent musically.

Some legendary names there, that’s really nice. Can you tell us when and where are you most creative?

At home. On my bed. When my mind is blank and I’m not even trying, God begins to speak. Whether the starting point be a melody or a phrase, by the end of that day, I could end up with a completed song. Thats how I wrote most of the songs on my upcoming EP, “The Trilogy I”.

Yes, we cannot wait for that one. Are there any local creative spaces that you like to use for rehearsals, collaborations, meetings etc…? Please give us the plug!

To be honest… no! LOL. I’ve been a PK (pastors kid) all of my life. But now that I am an artist, my dad allows us to use the church to rehearse. I’ll hook you up if that changes *winkwink*

What advice would you give to a new UK based artist, wanting to pursue their music?


Life would have it that you actually have to WORK really hard, and independently before anyone really knows who you are & where you’re from. But when they do, many will come to try and get a piece of the pie. Knowing what you want & where you are going is KEY. It’s also important to know your rights and how things go in the industry you’re going into (whether gospel or secular). While you wait, work … and once you’ve worked, work some more! Continue to grow. Continue to learn. Continue to PRAY. Communication with God is also essential.

So much there, we can all learn from that Becca, thank you! A bit of fun – what would be your perfect holiday scenario?

A hot island. With sea monster free waters. Great wifi. Great food and a HUGE water park!!!

WiFi is so needed right! Thank you for spending some time with us. Is there anything we should be excited for soon? 

My third studio EP “The Trilogy I” is on its way!!!! I’ve been working hard and putting everything into this project! You’ll all love it when it’s drops in a few months. How many is a few?! You’ll just have to wait and see.

I love that! We shall be checking up.  We wish you the very best in your endeavours and can’t wait to hear from you soon!

Thank you guys for having me!!!


Becca’s Twitter | YoutubeSoundcloud  | Check out her track ‘Grateful’ below


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