StepFWDTips #21: An interview with – Chloe Reynolds

Wrapping up our #StepFWDTips series, I caught up with some amazing UK music artists to ask them about their most valuable tips and advice for other emerging artists. Stay tuned to see what they had to say about their creative sparks and spaces!

I’m excited to have spoken with the lovely Chloe Reynolds from Gloucester. She knows how to speak the heart of God for sure! Let’s see what Chloe had to share with us.

Hey, how is it going? Please tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m a Christian singer songwriter with a heart for encouraging and empowering people to overcome life’s challenges and come out shining.

What a beautiful heart! What is your understanding of musical excellence?

Musical excellence is not just about rehearsing and recording to your very best standard. It’s about being true to yourself and writing songs that mean something. It’s about captivating listeners and making music that makes a difference in their lives.

I agree totally!  Chloe, I really love your lyrical choices, especially in Happier, please tell us when and where are you most creative.

I’m most creative whenever I’m inspired. It can be anywhere and anytime. When I’m driving down the motorway and see a rainbow, I’m inspired. When I’m sat with someone who is broken hearted and they’re able to cry for the first time, I’m inspired. When I hear a song that moves me to the core, I’m inspired… there really are no limits to creativity.

No limits, thats interesting! Are there any local creative spaces that you like to use for rehearsals, collaborations, meetings etc…? 

For meetings, it generally helps if it’s somewhere with hot chocolate and cake! For rehearsals and collaborations I love finding places that are unique and beautiful. Airbnb is a great place to do that.

That’s cool, i’ve seen artists rent out rooms for shooting purposes etc. Brilliant idea! What advice would you give to a new UK based artist, wanting to pursue their music?

If you’re brand new,

Perform your music to close friends who are willing to give you honest feedback.

From there, try a few open mic nights. It’s amazing what you can learn from performing at these. When you’ve learned lessons from performing for free, built up a little fan base, and get a good support team, then you’re ready to spread your wings a bit further.

A bit of fun – what would be your perfect holiday scenario?

Definitely somewhere warm and sunny. Somewhere to relax but also places of natural beauty to be explored. I don’t like sitting still for too long if there are wide open spaces where I can stretch my legs. I’m also a sucker for night markets and good food.

I love a good night market myself! Thank you for spending some time with us Chloe. Is there anything we should be excited for soon? Where can we find your updates?

I’m really excited to be touring with Anastacia as her support act this May and June! Find me on Facebook at Chloe Reynolds Music, Twitter, or check out my website  for more info.

Brill! We wish you the very best in your endeavours and can’t wait to hear from you soon!


Chloe was No.1 in our UK Christian Chart 2016 – Here is her song ‘Broken Beautiful’


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