StepFWDTips #16: Musicians 101 – Working With Your Audio Team

I’m not sure how your worship services/ music events work in terms of relationships with your audio team but I am aware of the challenges that arise from time to time. It may be at a concert or in church when someone isn’t happy with the sound and either the AV team get blamed or you get a ear full from somebody in the audience! I think Jad Gillies got it right when he said:

“We’re all working together for the same outcome – to use what’s in our hands to help point people to Jesus”.

It’s true, the relationship you have with the people behind the scenes really sets the scene. Autumn and Nigel- Worship Directors & musicians at Hillsong Church, spoke about the relationship dynamic with their audio teams and pointed out some key characteristics for a successful delivery. In honour of the topic, today’s content is brought to you in audio form.

Click the link here to listen

Listed below are some of the topics covered and more, including how Hillsong’s music and audio teams worked together to create the sound of their latest album OPEN HEAVEN / River Wild.

  • working with your audio team to craft the sound
  • working in different venues
  • how to cultivate a culture of working together
  • the necessary power of unity

For those taking notes, I’ve listed a few titles you could write down and listen out for:

  1. Communication and good rapport
  2.  Inclusion and involvement
  3. Listening to feed back and taking action
  4. Agreeing on your overall purpose


content courtesy of  Nigel Hendroff – Hillsong Collected 


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