“Spend time with people who aren’t like you…” Guvna B’s #UnpopularCulture

Guvna B recently shared some wisdom as a precursor to his Unpopular Culture debut book: “Spend time with people who aren’t like you. Who don’t think like you, act like you , speak like you, eat like you. Who don’t want the same things as you, or have the same needs as you. It will open up your mind.”

Guvna’s thought process goes even further as he asks; How many times have you heard these statements?: Money is the key to happiness. Work hard, play hard. Look out for number one. Popular culture is full of phrases like these, telling us the best way to live, the right things to buy, the right body shape to have, the right people to hang out with.

These messages are everywhere we look, 24 hours a day. But what if there was another way to live?

The Double MOBO award-winning artist knows exactly what it’s like to feel pressure to confirm to society’s ‘norms’ and what it can be like when you just don’t fit in. From his entrepreneurial playground days as ‘the black Del Boy’ through to his rise as a Rap artist, Guvna B shows that no one is immune to feeling excluded, cut off from society and (well, frankly) unpopular.

In Unpopular Culture out on the 15th June 2017, Guvna B shares his own struggles with being unpopular and feeling overly conscious of his peers’ opinions to encourage young people to be confident in themselves and not to be afraid to live differently:

· to stand against injustice
· to live life for more than just ourselves
· to dare to be unpopular

Guvna B is rebelling against the status quo, and he’s calling you to join him. It’s time to flip the script, to demonstrate another way to live, to find freedom in going against the grain. It’s time for unpopular culture to take the stage.

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