Soulful singer/songwriter Davina Oriakhi reminds us that It’s all about Love

Christmas is around the corner and Singer/Songwriter and Davina Oriakhi gives a timely message of love and hope at such a time in life’s history. This London based British-Nigerian artist reminds us that “It’s all about Love” in her latest single release.

The soulful singer takes you on a journey on what true love is with lyrical content that mirrors 1 Corinthians 13. It has been a great year since the Nigerian Teen Choice Award winner released her debut album “Love To A Mortal”.  The track opens with the sound of a nail being hammered into a cross then the beautiful track unfolds.

The simple colour palet of the music video, greys and blacks, flecked with her tunic of bright red, burned orange and powder blue take me to the sultry moments in Autumn. On the commute home or just getting comfortable in the living room after a long day at work.

It has added something melodic to the I Corinthians Chapter 13 that is often recited at weddings or taught in Bible Studies.

It has a R’n’B/Soul vibe that, with the wardrobe and make up, gives off something like Solange Knowles’ masterpiece that is A Seat At The Table (2016). With snippets of home videos and other motifs of love that fade into each other, the director guides the listener through a beautiful and pure narration of Godly love.

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