Soulful Sabrina Hilaire creates waves with upcoming track ‘Above Water’

South London soulful singer Sabrina Hilaire is making a musical comeback with her anticipated album “Narrow Road”. ‘Above Water’ gives an idea to what the album has in store for us; unfiltered lyricism and thought provoking truths about her journey.

Sabrina’s album will be entitled “Narrow Road” and the first of 3 singles is ‘Above Water‘ which releases 15th December 2017, continuing the short visual sequence, is her next release ‘Lord have mercy‘ and ‘Narrow Road‘ will follow shortly after.

The self produced track’Above Water‘ brings the best of Sabrina Hilaire’s artistry to date with a gritty urban feel, merging well together with her captivating soulful voice. “Above water describes how someone can be constantly battling with temptations while honestly trying to maintain a righteous lifestyle”. In the song Sabrina acknowledges her struggles whilst staying true to herself and trying to keep her head above water. Directed by Silva Visuals, the video captures a matured and expressive side to Sabrina Hilaire that will inspire and encourage people going through the same journey.

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