Singer-songwriter Ronkeh shares her heart through new EP “Come To Me”

Born in East London, Ronkeh is a UK based singer/songwriter who prides herself in her unique ability to fit snugly within multiple music genres. From Pop to Rock, Gospel, Praise & Worship and Soul. As ‘an exciting new addition to the UK Gospel scene’, she now launches out with a debut project, “Come to Me”.

Born into a large family of 9 children, Ronkeh was put into voluntary foster care at the tender age of 5 months. This, at the time, was a hard but unavoidable choice for her parents, who as African immigrants, had to survive the harsh realities of studying, working and having kids. Being separated from her siblings at a young age, Ronkeh had to learn to survive – alone. She found music to be her best friend and escaped into whatever was playing, regardless of genre or language. This fuelled her interest in music, and she recalls memories of teaching herself to play the recorder by ear along to Boney M songs, at the age of 6. Her talent subsequently got her noticed at school, where she soon took to the stage, playing at school music shows. Ronkeh soon found her musical aptitude transcended playing the recorder and began singing in bands and choirs through teenage and into early adulthood.

9 years ago, however, she took a break from singing and decided to go on a journey of self-discovery, during which it came to light that she possessed yet another musical gift – she could write songs. This newfound songwriting ability was boosted by her Christian background and she discovered words from the Bible were a great source of lyrics. The Scriptures were authentic. It wasn’t long before she decided to share some of this original material with the world and her debut EP, “Come to Me” clearly showcases the beauty of her songwriting which is both heartfelt and prolific.

With the lead track ‘Come to Me’ echoing Contemporary Christian Music influences and soulful tracks like ‘Love Song’ pulling at the heart strings, Ronkeh shows that truly, she has come out with a very unique sound that we can only call hers. Ronkeh’s debut EP is currently available on iTunes and Souncloud.

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