Shimon Atunde releases brand new single ‘Take Over’ feat. MikeSolo

Available this Friday, October 8th, independent artist Shimon Atunde is excited to release his new single ‘Take Over‘ featuring MikeSolo. ‘Take Over’ is a song about surrender. In a world full of many distractions, temptations and things fighting for our attention, surrendering daily to the Holy Spirit is difficult. The song is in the South African Amapiano style and was made entirely over Zoom which was an exciting challenge. MikeSolo and Shimon have made a song to get you dancing and enjoying life whilst reminding the listener of the importance of surrendering to the Holy Spirit

About Shimon Atunde & MikeSolo:

Shimon is a Lagos-born, UK-based gospel artist who creates Spirit-filled afrobeat music that talks simply and plainly about his life experiences in the light of God’s grace and love. Shimon is not only inspired by these experiences but by what is going on around him. Shimon is a PhD student in the Department of Cardiovascular Sciences at the University of Leicester, plays the keyboard at his local church and is an avid fan of retro media such as cassettes and vinyl.

Born in London, MikeSolo is a UK-based gospel artist who creates Spirit-packed Afrovibe music with a touch of different genres that talks about his life experiences in the light of the grace and beauty of God. Mike has recently rebranded from Mike B to MikeSolo not only to change his brand but to show his growth and direction as an artist, as he expresses more and more what God is doing in, through and for him.

Grateful (Remix‘ – MikeSolo’s latest single came out September 20th 2021 and previous releases from Shimon such as Need You’ and Esé’ have been played on PraiseWorld Radio and UCB. You can listen them HERE.

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