Rap artist J. Walker soon to drop EP “#UNITYmovement”

In response to a call for more unity in the gospel music industry, “#UNITYmovement” EP was produced by J.Walker of The Lions Den (TLD). This EP is the end result of efforts over the past year, to bring more artists together to spread the Gospel through music, film and poetry.

As part of the “#UNITYmovement” J.Walker and J-Chief have worked with over 40 UK rappers, bringing the scene together for Gospel Rap Cyphers. The EP is proof that Gospel artists can work together and produce quality music when united behind the cause of spreading the Gospel. “#UNITYmovement” will be released for FREE download and streaming on the 30th September and the single ‘Unity’ will be out on the 14th of September with a possible video to follow.

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