Premier Gospel tackles being ‘Woke’ and ‘Christian’: Can you be both?

Do Christians find it hard to reconcile their faith, knowing the Churches part in the transatlantic slave trade? ‘Can you be woke and be a Christian?’ produced and directed by Tamala Ceasar for Premier Gospel, questions six Christian figures and 1 pan-Africanist on the tension between black Christians and their faith.

These special guests answer taboo questions on what it means to be woke and conscious, why the Church is sometimes reluctant to address the difficult parts of history involving the Churches role in the transatlantic slave trade and how that affects the black Christian identity. Pan Africanist and former Christian, Ryan J Bruce shares his journey from Christianity to conscious and tells us the real reason why he left the Church.

View the trailer below:


Cast of documentary:

Ryan J Bruce – Pan Africanist, MD and writer

Marcia Dixon – Public relations specialist and journalist

Mark Liburd – Senior youth leader and minister

Tula Lynch – Gospel singer

Nick Myers – Consultant and Christian

Eleasah Phoenix-Louis – Activist and PHD Research Student at CCCU of Black Theology and Theological Pedagogy

Jalil Saheeb – Teacher, illustrator and Christian rapper

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