Poet Jackie Hill Perry discusses: What is missing in the Church today?

What is missing in the Church today? Jackie Hill Perry (Hip Hop Artist, poet, writer) discusses the importance of speaking and hearing the gospel in our everyday lives. Recently Amy Lathrop of Saturate sat down with Jackie when she was in town for the PIA Tour hoping to learn how her practice of Gospel Fluency impacts her day-to-day life.

Saturate asked her: What does gospel fluency mean to you? // Read the full interview on saturatetheworld.com

Jackie Hill Perry responded, “When I think of the word “fluent,” an example that comes to mind is sarcasm. I’m very fluent in sarcasm. I don’t really have to think about being sarcastic, it just comes out. That doesn’t make my use of sarcasm good, but it’s easy for me. It comes out of me because it’s in me.

When I consider gospel fluency, I think of the same thing. If the gospel is in me, it will come out of me and impact all of my life. I should be able to see evidence of it in my discipleship, in my parenting, in my hospitality, in my modesty, in my motherhood. The gospel should inform whatever I’m doing in any context.”

Jackie Hill Perry along with fellow poets Ezekiel, Preston Perry and Janette…ikz will be in London for the very first time as part of their PIA World Tour, on 15th April at City Gates Church.

These world-renown spoken word artists will be doing a double show and VIP session followed by a workshop the next day, Sunday 16th April. Click the flyer below and get your tickets for what looks set to be a sold-out London affair!


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