OneManInTheMiddle Rob Allwright all set for Music & Media Conference 2017

Encouraged to “do everything in love” it can be an extremely daunting task and a massive challenge to navigate the art form of music and the objective versus subjective discussion. One man stands in the middle (pun intended) of this and Rob Allwright will be in attendance at Music & Media Conference 2017!

Rob Allwright is the founder of, focusing on the music industry and bringing honest reviews of Christian music of all varieties from both well-known and independent artists. In the last 2 years he has reviewed over 300 albums and working in conjunction with aStepFWD has grown the website and established a radio show with Heartsong Live presented by Gospel artist Tosé.

Rob’s love for Christian music started as a teenager; coming from a traditional church background, he discovered second-hand cassettes from artists like Keith Green and Phil Keaggy, before experiencing his first live performance from the Cutting Edge Band on the cusp of their transformation into Delirious? He developed a taste for modern musical styles and his critical voice while working for 10 years as editor of the youth lifestyle magazine Soteria and the associated website.

Rob has found himself developing relationships within the Christian music community highlighting and encouraging independent artists like Philippa Hanna, Sarah Teibo, Daughters of Davis and many more. Away from Christian music, he has interviewed Formula 1 racing driver Daniel Ricciardo and commentating legend Murray Walker. His laid-back interview style keeps his guests at ease as he teases out the story contained in their artistry as well as their walk with God.

Rob has a heart for music, but a heart for God first; he is always keen to find new ways to express the greatness of God to the world, from local church events to developing websites. He has recently redeveloped as a portal for Christian events in Cornwall.

Joining Rob at the Music & Media Conference 2017 will be Marcia Dixon Leo O’Brien Sam Hailes, Paulette Long OBE, Nicky Brown, Lauren Evans, Sandra Godley, Anthony David King and a number of other music and media experts and industry professionals who will be delivering Presentations, Panel Discussions and Q&A Sessions.


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