One To Watch – Pyramid Park – releases live acoustic of ‘Lead Me’

Pyramid Park has recently released a live acoustic rendition of ‘Lead Me‘ recorded in Seven Sisters at an old industrial estate – “The Buckle Factory” by Josh Campbell, Matt Allin, Pete Harris and Phil Hearing (all local church guys from The C3 Church, Cambridge).

Lead Me is my personal prayer. As we stand in awe of God, our perspective begins to change and we realise how little we know about Him. My prayer was very simple, God, I need you to lead me closer so that I can see more of you. I love the word ‘stunned’ and feel it fits perfectly when thinking about grace, undeserved and unreserved love which we experience as Christians. Playing this stripped back version was very different to the original album track, but it gives it a raw and intimate feel, compared to the mysterious swelling album version. Recording it in the Buckle Factory was a lot of fun and a pleasure,” Pyramid Park told us.

Lead Me‘ is the third track on the album “Vulnerability“. You can hear the album version (very different) HERE


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