‘No Fear’ for the New Year as Nyasha T prays for Zimbabwe’s future

Resound Media artist, Nyasha T is native to Zimbabwe and is naturally elated at the recent landmark political developments there. Following on from his November UK Christian Chart Top 10 hit ‘Jump To The Beat‘ the message in Nyasha’s latest release, ‘No Fear‘ out in January 2018, is one of Hope and Faith which he sees reflected in his homeland.

Following the initial excitement, the real work begins and Nyasha issued a humble statement, “I Wanted to say congratulations to my home country Zimbabwe. After 37 years of being under the leadership of President Robert Mugabe, now we are free to move forward in a new positive direction. My parents sadly left Zimbabwe when I was 12 in 2003, when things got really bad. I know much has changed since, but one thing I know is people still found joy in tough situations. I pray the new leader brings more joy than distress. Are we to be ruled by another leader who will not leave office, or will the country return to prosperity? All I can do is pray for my country and I hope you will join me in prayer now for this hopeful nation.

Nyasha’s Prayer for Zimbabwe:
Save the children who are living in poverty.
Save the people who are sick and in need.
As you saved us from a leader who did not want change,
Lord protect us from those that would want to harm our Dear Zimbabwe.
Save us Lord and protect our Dear Zimbabwe, Amen

Nyasha’s ‘No Fear for the New Year‘ campaign will see him release a weekly video blog throughout January 2018 around people overcoming their fears, enabling them to go on and achieve great things. Nyasha hopes that for the people of Zimbabwe they can now look to 2018 with positivity and not fear.

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