New single ‘All Day’ by S.O. ft. Json and Mission

After an unorthodox 2017 featuring a series of single releases, S.O. is back with another single called ‘All Day’featuring Mission, Lamp Mode’s Json, and produced by Sebastian V.  This track is an anthem designed to amp people up to go into the world and live out what they believe. 

Known for his ability to change gears sonically and his trademark delivery, S.O. is excited about how this single will impact people for the Kingdom. ‘All Day is about living for the Lord 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

You can buy the single on iTunes and it is also streamed on Spotify.

Often times we try to compartmentalise what we believe. Christianity becomes something we do on Sundays. God’s vision for us is totally opposite of that though — He wants it all

When asked about 2017, S.O. was quite clear about his approach…

“Who wouldn’t love new releases from their favourite artist on a regular basis? For artists, who wouldn’t like the flexibility of being able to drop different sounding singles every month? One month, I can drop an Afrobeat song like ‘What’s Your Name?, and another month I can drop a boom bap song like ‘No Recess’. The feedback I’ve gotten so far has been incredible!”

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