Music Review: Rekindle – The Church Vessel

One Man In The Middle brings you regular, unbiased and honest reviews of music albums and EPs from Christian artists and musicians in the UK and worldwide. Here we have Rekindle by The Church Vessel with an overall review score of 7.4 out of 10.

Album Information:

The Church Vessel is a worship project that emerged from the passion and desperation of a local worship team. The heart of The Church Vessel is to see a continuous overflow of the presence of God rescue and restore lives all over the globe. By pursuing and pressing into the depths of God’s love, we are able to see empty vessels being filled with purpose, hope, and a desire to worship. The Church Vessel was inspired and raised up by The Church ( located in St. Amant, LA.


The Church Vessel is the latest Church worship team to release a worship album from the Dream Label Group. The worship team comes from the Louisiana based The Church International that has 10 plants across the state as well as additional work with 3 schools and 2 international churches. Rising out of this the worship leaders are looking to inspire worship and a pursuit of God beyond the walls of their church.

The album starts with the gentle track “Traded” which sets out the reason why we worship, in this short intro to the album we learn it’s all about the trade that Christ has given for us. Poetically and gently sung with light keys this slowly builds into the first full song on this album – “Rekindle”. As the title suggests this is a cry to rekindle the flame inside us which sometimes feels like it’s no more than embers left. We need to Holy Spirit to blow on us and revive that raging, burning flame that was once there. I love the line where it says “These coals I’ve tried to breathe life into But my lungs are far too weak”, to me this means that we cannot just maintain our faith ourselves, there needs to be input from outside to keep this faith alive, to try and do it as a force of will simply won’t work.

The next track “Oh Father” is led by a male vocalist and talks about the times when we don’t feel good enough for God, the reassuring first half of the chorus comes from God telling us that we just need to walk with Him. The second half of the chorus reminds us that it is down to God’s promises and word that we have freedom. We don’t need to struggle for acceptance before God. It reminds us when we struggle with hard times, God is constant, verse 2 says

“When it feels I’m on my own.
Stumbling through this life alone.
Troubles rise to shake my will.
But you are constant. Stronger. Still.”

“Draw Near” continues with a different male worship leader. He has quite a rich but soft vocal which makes this song very easy listening, particularly in the opening verse. As the song continues it is a delicate balance as the vocal becomes a male / female duet with the female vocalist adding emphasis to the main vocal, before the chorus is joined by other voices making a congregational worship feeling. “Beckon” is a truly beautiful worship song, it strikes me as something that would be played as a lead back into singing praise, it’s about being called into the waiting arms of the one who loves you. For me there is something of Song of Songs about the feel of this track, that it is something comforting, but also something wildly exhilarating and passionate. It is this same idea that populates “The Difference” although with a more electronic style, but the idea of pressing into God and experiencing His endless love can make that difference in us.

“Spoken” has a strong beat and some keys effects that shuffle this song along, there is much more of a praise aspect to this track as it looks at the hope that is given to us because of Christ. This is a strong song which is about the words that God has spoken over us, remembering that it is Him that gives us life and strength. This heads into the outro that once again reinforces that it is God that can reignite our passion and bring our dry bones to life in a reference to the famous passage from Ezekiel.

There are some tracks here that will really resonate with some people. For me “Beckon” is probably the strongest track with it’s enticing image that is so much like that of the chaste passion of Song of Solomon. The imagery is powerful and compelling and the delivery is gentle and searching. Overall the album is quite short, but also moving and beautiful and there is depth in the lyrics which some of the Dream releases are really excelling at, compared to some of the vacuous repetitive worship that often floods the market!

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